PreneurPages - the Worlds Easiest and Fastest Templated Page Service . . ..

This is the quick and dirty: if you are starting an entrepreneurial or infobusiness website and don't have time to learn a bunch of technical things just to make a few pages . . .

And you would love to have a bank of 30-40 pre-written templated pages like sales pages, download pages, upsell pages, articles, blog posts, and so on . . . .

PreneurPages contains all of that, and we even host your pages for you!

And you can use your own domain name, or you can host the pages on our domain name . . .

Here's how it works:

You create a site on my server, using my templates and storage, and design (and PreneurPages makes it so that you can create practically any design you can imagine)

You can customize each template as much or as little as you want, and immediately use the pages.

It's all hosted for you, I've created about 35 templates, plan to have over 100 once we are fully up and running.


This is designed to be the EASIEST way to get up and running fast with a real website, real pages, and real copy!

Sean Mize